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So by now you're probably wondering what this Secret Obsession is, right?

This secret obsession is the key to winning a man's love, attention, and total devotion for life.

Well, to put it simply, it’s a recently discovered primal drive that ALL MEN are powerfully influenced by without even knowing it.

Every man you know agonizes over this primal drive more than anything else… Even his sex drive.

In fact, this drive is so hard-wired into a man’s mind that is subconsciously controls everything he does.

From the time he wakes up to the moment his head hits the pillow at night.

#1 Discover the Key to a Deeper Connection

Unlock the secrets of a fulfilling and lasting relationship with "His Secret Obsession." Authored by relationship expert JAMES BAUER, this guide is your gateway to understanding the male psyche and building an unbreakable bond.

WHAT "His Secret Obsession" Program Will Teach You

#1 The Glimpse Phrase

Signifies a brief but profound insight or revelation.

#2 The Fascinating Signal

Alludes to an intriguing and captivating communication or sign.

#3 Silent Action Signals​

implies non-verbal cues conveying intentions without speech.

#4 Selective Hearing

Focusing on specific Thing while ignoring Him

#5 I Owe You​

technique to deepen emotional bonds by creating a sense of indebtedness in a relationship.

#6 Damsel in Distress Signal​

Signifies a cry for help in a challenging situation, often involving a woman in a vulnerable position

4 Secret Technique's to Make Him Obsessed of You, are Reveled in "HIS SECRET OBSESSION" Program

How to refocus a man’s natural competitive drive on winning your love.

There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that a man craves in order to feel intense, committed love. Without it, he will always keep one foot out the door.

There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that a man craves in order to feel intense, committed love. Without it, he will always keep one foot out the door.

How to tap into a man’s natural obsession for achievement. When you know how to spark a man’s desire by channelling this obsessive drive, he’ll stop at nothing to make you feel happy, cherished, and truly loved.

How Is This Course Organized?

(what you will get in his secret obsession program)

You’ve got two main parts:

Part I is called “How The Hero Instinct Works” and covers the theory. It consists of 11 modules, and you learn how to recognize the hidden patterns of the Hero Instinct.

Part II is called “How To Use The Signals” and describes how to put the things you learned in part one into practice. In 6 modules you discover specific applications and examples.

Also, James included his “Text Message Formulas” as a bonus.

And to get you started right away, you get the “7 Day Quick Start Action Workbook”.

His secret Obsession Course Contents Overview

So, let me give you an overview of the contents of each module.

I need to keep this to the most important key principles for each chapter since there is just too much content to cover everything here.

Part I - “How The Hero Instinct Works”

The first part describes the “theory” of the Hero Instinct.

But don’t let the word “theory” put you off – James Bauer writes in a very direct and entertaining way, with lots of real life examples.

In this module you learn 

  • What the primary goal of the Hero Instinct is
  • What the three components are that describe the instinct
  • How to use them as a bridge to a man’s heart

To practice, James encourages you to use what you learn in this chapter by observing the men around you, identifying opportunities to trigger their Hero Instinct.

In the next module, James Bauer teaches you

  • Why men can’t tell you what they want most
  • Why do “normal” guys think they need to be a hero?
  • How you can tap into his limitless source of desire
  • How to channel his desire, make it feed into your relationship, and make it stronger.

Being able to give him this feeling is like giving him a precious, unique gift of incredible worth to him.

This module describes

  • The secret of instant transformation
  • How you can create this special kind of relationship that is based on purposeful intention to enhance each other’s happiness
  • How your happiness can become his mission

This has been one of the most important modules in Part I for me personally. The way James describes this male need to feel worthy touched me deeply. When I’m able to be a Hero for my wife Anne, I can open to her emotionally. And – the most important part – I like the version of myself that I find in Anne’s presence.

In this module, you learn

  • Why we are fascinated by things that are highly relevant to our basic needs.
  • How you can apply this “fascination principle” to capture you man’s undying love and emotion.
  • How you can become the one person in his life connected to his drive to feel that he has a purpose and that he has the power to succeed in that purpose.

Most importantly, you learn James’ famous “Deserted Island Signal Formula” – what it is, and how to apply it.

You will learn the different phases men go through in their life:

  • The Knight Phase
  • The Prince Phase
  • The King Phase

James teaches about manliness and the drive we have to provide, and how you can use that drive for the benefit of your relationship.

In the next module, James describes

  • How to present your desires to him in such a way that they trigger his drive to be a provider
  • How to show him a vision of the future that clicks with his need to win at gaining your approval
  • How to show him that he does not have to choose between you and the adventurous life pursuits his instincts call him to chase after.
  • How to use his desire to be your Hero
  • How to connect his provider instinct to his relationship with you

Also, you learn the three best fascination phrases – the special signals that are picked up by his male provider instinct.

The module ends with the five steps that will transform your man.

This is one of the most important modules in Part I.

In it, you learn

  • How you should never think of yourself as having “arrived.”
  • That your relationship never just stays the same – it’s always getting stronger or weaker.
  • Why men need incremental progress, no matter how small.
  • Why you should not play “hard to get”
  • How you can use “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” to your own advantage.

Also, James teaches you what to do if you two don’t want the same things.

And – somehow this rings a bell for me, too – how to avoid your dates beginning to feel a little stale and predictable.

This module describes

  • How to create shared relationship goals,
  • How to make those goals meaningful
  • How to create a new and improved “Mixtape” for your relationship as a gift to your partner

Remember “Mixtapes”? I really liked James’ idea of an improved version of this old classic.

On our deathbed, all of us will judge our lives based on the impact we had on the people we care about.

This module shows you how you can create this impact:

  • You learn why communication is not enough.
  • Why feeling understood is what really matters.
  • How you can make him feel understood.
  • What he really means when he says “I want you to have my back.”
  • The difference between brilliant choices and deadly mistakes in certain situations in your relationship.
  • How you can influence him from within the sacred interpersonal space accessible only to you.
  • What the “X-Ray Question” is and how to use it to discover his hidden needs and desires
  • How to deal with conflicting desires

My guess is that this is the longest module.

Personally, I think the male need for “Feeling understood” cannot be overstated – again, it’s something that totally rang a bell when I was studying this module.

In this module, we are going even deeper. You learn

  • How to be open about yourself
  • How to go one step deeper than “Good communication.”
  • 3 Questions to ask yourself
  • How to be receptive as your guy reveals himself to you
  • How to acknowledge his need to impress

This module focuses on the one factor that determines whether or not your man feels connected (hint: it has something to do with vulnerability and shame).

Also, you learn about the “Damsel in Distress Signal” – the signal that had the most impact on the relationship with my wife.

Other than in books and movies, in real life, things don’t always go smooth. This module focuses on what to do if things go not the way you intended.

You learn what to do

  • If he misunderstands your sudden change.
  • If your optimism polarizes him toward pessimism
  • If you get scared and sabotage your own success.

Also, James Bauer covers two important methods:

  • The “Foot-in-the-door” technique, and how to get things rolling
  • The “I owe you signal.”

Other than in books and movies, in real life, things don’t always go smooth. This module focuses on what to do if things go not the way you intended.

You learn what to do

  • If he misunderstands your sudden change.
  • If your optimism polarizes him toward pessimism
  • If you get scared and sabotage your own success.

Also, James Bauer covers two important methods:

  • The “Foot-in-the-door” technique, and how to get things rolling
  • The “I owe you signal.”

Part II - “How To Use The Signals”

Now we are diving into the “real world” application of the stuff you learned in Part I.

James describes real-life applications and examples in great detail, making it easy to stick the concepts in your memory.

But don’t worry, there is no need to memorize all at once.

You can (and should!) pick one of the methods, focus on that one idea, and master it.

Then, gradually, you are making progress without feeling overwhelmed with all the options.

You know that you achieved mastery when you start designing your own signals, based on the patterns of the hero instinct you see all around you.

In this chapter, you learn

  • How to tap into the things that he is already fascinated with
  • How to create proximity and propinquity
  • 3 Practical examples

Also, James gives you a brief explanation of why this works (linking the practice back to the theory you learned in Part I).

This module describes

  • How “X-ray questions” give you an unfair advantage.
  • How they let you get inside your man’s mind and hear what he really wants
  • How to uncover the things he secretly wants more of in his life
  • How to pay attention to the kinds of goals and challenges that seem to light up his emotional world

Also, the module covers 5 example phrases you can use and a (kind of surprising) story example.

In module 14, you learn

  • How to use this phase and watch his eyes change as a fantasy blooms in his mind
    of how amazing the future could be with you.
  • How to open his mind to a new possibility – something special, something unique
  • 4 Example phrases

This module relates to module 7 in Part I.

In it, James Bauer describes

  • How to make “emotional deposits” in your relationship every day to grow and strengthen the bond you have with your man.
  • How each deposit takes less than 10 seconds.
  • How making these simple deposits cut the chance of separation in half!
  • 6 example phrases

This module describes this influence strategy, relating to Module 9 of Part I.

You learn

  • Why men have a strong desire to appear consistent.
  • How you can use this to your advantage
  • Several example phrases
  • A real life example

The final module in Part II teaches the most impactful signal that you can send to your man.

James Bauer explains

  • How to tap into a man’s natural protective instincts
  • How to switch him into “Serve and Protect” mode
  • How to recognize his strengths and abilities in real time, without giving up your confident, capable and empowered way of living as a woman
  • 4 Example Phrases

Most importantly, James covers several examples that will not work, and another real-life story to illustrate the signal.

Additional Bonuses

“His Secret Obsession - Text Message Formulas”

This bonus training enhances the contents from the main course.

In 5 chapters, the “Text Message Formulas” training covers how to apply the core principles of “His Secret Obsession” through text messages.

7 Day Quick Start Action Workbook

Now, I’m not going to lie – the contents of this course are massive.

There is a lot to digest.

So, James Bauer included this “His Secret Obsession Workbook” to get you focused and started quickly.

It leads you through the chapters over seven days, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. But – of course – you can take whatever time you need, there’s no need to do this in 7 consecutive days.

As an added bonus, there’s a “Vocabulary Review” quiz, to check whether you know all the signals.

Finally, there are the 5 Master Steps you need to follow to awaken his Hero Instinct.

Audio Book Version

If you prefer listening, James includes audio versions for both the “His Secret Obsession” main course as well as the “His Secret Obsession – Text Message Formulas” bonus training.

You can download them easily, and put them on your favorite device, so you can listent in the car, during your work out, or whenever and wherever you want.

His secret Obsession Program


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IT WORKED!!!!!!!! And it only took 24 hour for my man to start calling me ‘Babe’, and saying I love you again!. I paid for the online course via PayPal and I got result immediately. I was hesitant at first but I’m so glad I purchased His Secret Obsession. I’ve been reading it so intensely and the information in it worked.
Dear James, I have to admit you are so right. As women, we forget what talents we had going when we attracted that Man in the first place. Tried your call for help, at first it was more “ok what do you need?” attitude. But the flattery helped and he warmed a bit more. Next I tried the hint of how important I can be to his future goals. Wow, he jumped into my lap. Have to keep reading and try the next one! I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that it really was that easy. No talk of love or guilt or any mush. Just I need his help and at the same time I can help him. Thank You!
hanks, James! Letting my wonderful man know often how much I appreciate, trust and respect him does wonders. All the time. Every time. Very cool. The wonderful thing about “my ” love is I never used to tell him, and it is something he wants so badly. So our relationship is so much better. Even more awesome.
Dear James, I would like to thank you for what you have done for me. I was not expecting what I saw when I opened my computer the next day, after I had gotten in touch with Be Irresistible. When I saw what you had done for me, I started crying! I couldn’t believe it. Someone on the Internet, that I don’t even know, doing something like that, for ME! You gotta be kidding me! I was astounded and somewhat confused, but not for very long, cause I’m witty. I have never before in my whole life met someone like you on the Internet and I wanted to take the time to say Thank You James, Thank You. As the days went by, I kept receiving emails from you and your company but didn’t pay much attention to them, figuring it was because the people who take care of accounts hadn’t gotten the news to close mine yet. Then today, another email about the “Top 3 mistakes…,” that made me really curious. I decided to take a look and see what was going on and tried the password you gave me and it worked. It WORKS! I was able to log on to your site and take a glimpse at your work and I was so excited to see that I had access to all of that. I couldn’t believe it. I even had “His Secret Obsession” that was still there for me. Incredible! I called my mom to tell her because you know, this NEVER happens! I had already told her the beginning of the story and now THIS! I am so grateful and appreciative, I have no other words but Thank You, James. I wish I could say more because you deserve more. I wonder why, and maybe I’ll never know, but one thing is for sure is that I’ve never ever met anyone quite like you on the Internet, never! Thank You again, James, for what you did for me. I will forever remember this and remember you.
D. Sargent

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