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Unveiling the Hero Instinct:

Unveiling the Hero Instinct:

How to Trigger It in Men According to James Bauer Introduction

Read this Short Article to Know 11 Ways to Trigger the Hero Instinct

!! Things You Should Know

  • The hero instinct is a term coined by James Bauer. Bauer claims that men have a biological need to feel appreciated and needed by their partner.
  • Trigger the instinct by asking your man for help, letting him protect you, and expressing love, appreciation, and enthusiasm for him.
  • Activating his hero instinct will help your man feel fulfilled and like he has an active role to play in his relationship with you.

What is the hero instinct?

Relationship specialist James Bauer coined the term in his book His Secret Obsession. Bauer claims that all men have a biological drive to earn your love in order to feel in love with you. Men want to feel that you appreciate and need them. If you make sure that he feels that from you, it’ll boost his confidence, increase his connection with you, and ultimately, make him more excited to commit to your relationship

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How to Trigger His Hero Instinct

Whether it’s something big or small, men love the opportunity to come to your rescue! Recruit him to help you open a jar, study for an exam, or practice your elevator pitch. Ask him for his advice when you have a dilemma.

  • Most men understand that you’re totally confident and capable of handling things yourself. So, asking them for help shows that you truly value their effort and input.

Your partner can’t read your mind, so you’ve got to be clear and direct. Let him know what he can do for you—doing it will actually provide pleasure for him!  Talk about what kind of things make you feel happy and fulfilled in a relationship, from chore division to intimacy.

  • “I love when we take the time to sit and talk about how our days went.”
  • “I really value affection, cuddling, and being close.”
  • If he calls you an Uber after a date then texts to make sure you made it home okay, that’s his way of protecting you.
  • Let him change the oil in your car or take it to the shop for an inspection so he can feel confident that it’s road-worthy.
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How does triggering the hero instinct work?

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#1 The Glimpse Phrase

Signifies a brief but profound insight or revelation.

#2 The Fascinating Signal

Alludes to an intriguing and captivating communication or sign.

#3 Silent Action Signals​

implies non-verbal cues conveying intentions without speech.

#4 Selective Hearing

Focusing on specific Thing while ignoring Him

#5 I Owe You​

technique to deepen emotional bonds by creating a sense of indebtedness in a relationship.

#6 Damsel in Distress Signal​

Signifies a cry for help in a challenging situation, often involving a woman in a vulnerable position

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IT WORKED!!!!!!!! And it only took 24 hour for my man to start calling me ‘Babe’, and saying I love you again!. I paid for the online course via PayPal and I got result immediately. I was hesitant at first but I’m so glad I purchased His Secret Obsession. I’ve been reading it so intensely and the information in it worked.
Dear James, I have to admit you are so right. As women, we forget what talents we had going when we attracted that Man in the first place. Tried your call for help, at first it was more “ok what do you need?” attitude. But the flattery helped and he warmed a bit more. Next I tried the hint of how important I can be to his future goals. Wow, he jumped into my lap. Have to keep reading and try the next one! I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that it really was that easy. No talk of love or guilt or any mush. Just I need his help and at the same time I can help him. Thank You!
hanks, James! Letting my wonderful man know often how much I appreciate, trust and respect him does wonders. All the time. Every time. Very cool. The wonderful thing about “my ” love is I never used to tell him, and it is something he wants so badly. So our relationship is so much better. Even more awesome.
Dear James, I would like to thank you for what you have done for me. I was not expecting what I saw when I opened my computer the next day, after I had gotten in touch with Be Irresistible. When I saw what you had done for me, I started crying! I couldn’t believe it. Someone on the Internet, that I don’t even know, doing something like that, for ME! You gotta be kidding me! I was astounded and somewhat confused, but not for very long, cause I’m witty. I have never before in my whole life met someone like you on the Internet and I wanted to take the time to say Thank You James, Thank You. As the days went by, I kept receiving emails from you and your company but didn’t pay much attention to them, figuring it was because the people who take care of accounts hadn’t gotten the news to close mine yet. Then today, another email about the “Top 3 mistakes…,” that made me really curious. I decided to take a look and see what was going on and tried the password you gave me and it worked. It WORKS! I was able to log on to your site and take a glimpse at your work and I was so excited to see that I had access to all of that. I couldn’t believe it. I even had “His Secret Obsession” that was still there for me. Incredible! I called my mom to tell her because you know, this NEVER happens! I had already told her the beginning of the story and now THIS! I am so grateful and appreciative, I have no other words but Thank You, James. I wish I could say more because you deserve more. I wonder why, and maybe I’ll never know, but one thing is for sure is that I’ve never ever met anyone quite like you on the Internet, never! Thank You again, James, for what you did for me. I will forever remember this and remember you.
D. Sargent

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